In the past it has happened that some meteorites are so big and so heavy that they violently hit the

Most asteroids orbit very far from the Earth, between Mars and Jupiter. Some debris however or dust released by the

From time to time we see comets in the sky. Like asteroids, they are large, dusty, icy rocks several hundred

225088 Gonggong (2007 OR10) discovered on January 8, 2005 by Michael Brown and his team thanks to the 1.26 m telescope

Until 2006 it was the last planet of the solar system. It belongs today to the family of the dwarf

Neptune has 14 known moons, which are named for minor water deities in Greek mythology. By far the largest of

Neptune is invisible to the naked eye. It was discovered in 1846 by Urbain Le Verrier because something disrupted the

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. This planet is almost 5 times bigger than Earth and 14.5 heavier.

We speak of a system because there is not only one ring but countless, almost an infinity. The rings of