If you want to teach astronomy, astronautics or sciences in general, if you like contact with the public or students, if you want to present science programs on television or write articles in popular magazines, in short, if you are able to explain sometimes difficult things with simple words, you can specialize in communication or journalism and become an animator or scientific columnist.

With a little luck, because there are not many places available, you can also practice this profession in a planetarium or a leisure center. Some of these jobs are available to professional astronomers but if you are an experienced amateur astronomer, if you like to speak in public and you know very well astronomy you can also work in some observatories or civil societies.

Finally, if you are interested in photography, optics and telescopes, if you like to advise people and help them choose a telescope or accessories, you can sell astronomical instruments to a specialist. You can also sell weather gear or science books. But there are few places available.

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