A black hole is a very special star. It’s a dead star that has collapsed on itself and ends up measuring only a few kilometers in diameter. Its attraction is so strong that it prevents even the light from escaping from its surface, making it black.

Although a black hole is invisible, the larger ones attract so much material that they are surrounded by a gigantic cloud of gas that swirls around them before being engulfed. If we can not observe the black hole directly, we can observe the matter falling towards it and the side effects it produces, including the radiation it emits into space.

If the black hole is not surrounded by a ring of material, it can be approached much closer than a star because it is a million times smaller. But suddenly, as if there was a bottomless hole, we are caught by its force of attraction that nothing can resist.

Black holes have already been discovered in the universe, especially in galaxies, and the larger ones are capable of attracting and engulfing entire stars without shredding them.
Black holes are the most mysterious objects in the universe and no one knows exactly what becomes of the matter they have engulfed. This remains one of the biggest puzzles of science.

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