Sunlight carries energy. If you are a handyman, you may wonder if it is possible to recover this energy and use it for example to heat or run an engine?

Of course, we can do it! And it’s very interesting if we want to preserve the Earth from pollution. In fact, stocks of oil or coal are being depleted and one day or another, in less than 100 years, it will be necessary to find another source of energy to drive cars and make them work. factories.

In the same way that we use coal (and oil) to heat us and wind (wind turbines) or water (tidal power plants) to create electricity, we can capture solar energy to produce electricity and power all the appliances and domestic appliances that you have at home. But on one condition: use solar panels that by chemical reaction with silicon will produce electricity that will simply be stored in batteries.

This system does not produce a lot of electricity if one uses small installations but it offers the advantage of offering an energy that does not pollute, which makes no noise and free, provided to have the Sun.

Currently, solar energy is mostly used in poor countries where there is a lot of sun. It is also used to generate electricity for satellites orbiting the Earth and incidentally it is used on solar cars and to provide electricity to isolated residents who install solar panels on the roof of their homes. House.

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