It was to solve the problem of spatial resolution that in 1960 William E.Gordon of Cornell University proposed to build

Apart from optical telescopes equipped with their detectors and other spectrographs, to carry out their research, astronomers also need theoretical

In 1666, during an optical experiment that he later described as “crucial,” Newton discovered the specter of light by playing

When you see the size of small astronomical instruments sold in specialty stores, they only impress novices. On the other

As the day dies, on the promontory of a mountain at the forefront of the universe, a dome opens. In

At the same time, Galileo turned his “optical tube” to the sky and invented the telescope. She was growing 30

In the Muslim world, whose intellectual centers in the Middle Ages were located in Damascus (Syria) and Baghdad (Iraq) and

Astronomy goes back thousands of years. It is likely that it originated in prehistoric times when our ancestors wondered about