As the day dies, on the promontory of a mountain at the forefront of the universe, a dome opens. In

At the same time, Galileo turned his “optical tube” to the sky and invented the telescope. She was growing 30

In the Muslim world, whose intellectual centers in the Middle Ages were located in Damascus (Syria) and Baghdad (Iraq) and

Astronomy goes back thousands of years. It is likely that it originated in prehistoric times when our ancestors wondered about

After many calculations and experiments in physics laboratories, it is believed that at the beginning of time, the universe was

We must try to understand that the universe is something really gigantic, bigger than anything you can imagine! Even researchers

Visually, the quasars look like bluish stars a little blurry but unlike the stars, they are among the farthest objects

As the galaxies get closer to each other, they can collide. But as you can see by observing the stars

Galaxies contain tens or hundreds of billions of stars like the Sun and all this mass attracts nearby galaxies. They

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is isolated in space but it is not alone. The galaxy closest to us is