When you observe the sky for several months, you will see that the planets evolve slowly through the stars. Former observers have noticed that in a few years, the planets always went through the same constellations and that the Sun also followed the same path. These constellations became the 12 zodiac signs used by astrologers, people who believe they can predict the future.

These 12 constellations you probably know them. They are in order: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Astronomers count 13 with the serpentine (Ophiuchus in Latin)!

Some people confuse astrologers with astronomers but these are two completely different professions. The astronomer is a researcher, a scientist who does astronomy. He studied for many years mathematics, optics, physics, the evolution of stars, planets and galaxies. The astrologer does not need to know all these materials to predict the future and he does not usually know anything about astronomy.

In fact astrologers believe that constellations and planets can influence us. They believe that moving planets is a hidden message that they can translate into bizarre calculations. If the Moon hides Taurus for example they will say you should not go out tomorrow because you may have an accident, etc. But what they say is completely wrong! Because you know very well that if you pay attention and if you are careful, in principle you will not have an accident! All the ideas and calculations of astrologers are wrong and you must never believe the horoscopes published in newspapers or heard on the radio or television. In fact these people want to easily earn money by writing horoscopes, and often it’s even a computer that works for them!

Astrologers do not really care about your future, but some will try to convince you that they can also heal you if you’re sick. Here too, only a real doctor will really treat you.
For 5000 years no one has ever been able to prove that what astrologers said was true! And when they make a mistake, they always say that it’s not their fault and it’s the sky that has changed things, the planets have moved, and so on. They always have an excuse forget about astrology and return to astronomy, the only true science that studies the sky and the stars.

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