On the moon gravity is worth sixth of that of the Earth. A person weighing 60 kg on Earth weighs only 10 kg on the moon! Without atmosphere the extremes of temperature are the same as in space. In the space of 8 hours, if you put an object in the shade, its temperature will drop to -173 ° C and if you leave it in full sun it can reach about 130 ° C! But since there is no air, the heat does not spread easily and the material that remains in the Sun (camera, flag, etc.) does not risk being damaged by the heat.

The lunar basement is so cold that it is frozen over 2 meters deep by -17 ° C. The surface resembles talc or very fine powder and is made up of very compact meteorite debris that has accumulated over 10 meters in thickness, in which, due to the vacuum and cold it is difficult to drive a pile Without the help of a hammer. On the other hand to ride there in jeep all-terrain as did several crews of missions Apollo, it’s great!

Since there is no wind or rain on the Moon, all the craters and footprints left behind by the astronauts will still be visible in millions of years. On the other hand, this phenomenon is impossible on Earth because in a few hours or a few years all traces disappear due to erosion.

But there is no liquid water on the surface or grass on the Moon, only pebbles and dust. So there is no life on the Moon. The landscape resembles a silent desert full of craters and gray mountains. It must not be very funny to live up there.

View of the Earth The surface of the Moon has large dark areas known as “seas” and clear areas known as mountainous. Several hundred years ago, in the time of Galilee, it was believed that the Moon was like the Earth and that the dark areas represented large bodies of water like our oceans.
But today we know that these great dark spots are not at all seas but old giant craters that were filled with lava by the impacts of meteorites and some volcanoes active billions of years ago. Today the Moon is almost dead and all the volcanoes are extinct. Only its core emits a little heat.

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