Since the Moon turns on itself while moving around the Earth, a state of equilibrium has been established between the two stars and for billions of years the Moon always presents us the same side. You will never see the other side of the moon, therefore it is called the hidden face. In fact the Moon moves a little bit on its axis and thanks to this movement of balance one can still observe 9% of its hidden surface.

Since the Moon is very large in relation to the Earth, it forms practically a physical pair with the Earth, and it can truly be said that the two stars revolve around one another, but we do not see it because the center of gravity Common is located in the Earth, at 2/3 of the distance between the core and the surface.

A land-clearer photographed 100 km from the surface of the Moon by Apollo 11 in 1969.

Due to its high mass, the presence of the Moon has stabilized the earth’s rotational motion on itself and its climate. For without the Moon the Earth would turn on itself like a top and the climate would change all the time.

Finally, one should not really believe all that the rumor says about the influence of the Moon on plants or even on the mood of people.

No one has ever proved that plants grew better or faster when they were planted on the full moon, that their hair was finest when cut at full moon, and that pregnant women gave birth more often Baby at the time of the full moon.

On the other hand we can say that people like to look at the moon and many parents have probably kissed and intertwined under the light of the moon to give birth to their child nine months later.

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